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Photographic Insurance Documentation


No one likes to think about the aftermath of a disaster such as fire, flooding, burglary, earthquake, or the myriad life's lightning strikes. We purchase insurance to help mitigate the impact of catastrophic events, often believing that we're fully protected.

In reality, though, the process of verifying losses in an insurance claim can be a nightmare. Often, the very documentation necessary for satisfying an insurance claim is destroyed by the disastrous event. 

To offset the possibility of fraud, insurance companies often want to see verification of possession. This is best accomplished by having a recent photographic inventory of your possessions and, idealy, supported by proof of purchase.

While most insurance companies are reasonable in their claims processing, their concern is that a claimant not fraudulently take advantage of a disaster to "pad the bill." A photograph of the claimed item(s) taken within the last two years or so makes insurers most comfortable as it helps confirm that you had not disposed of a previously purchased item between the time of purchase and loss.